About Us

Did you know that 60 percent of everything you topically use is absorbed into your bloodstream? Thanks to your largest organ; skin.

SHOCKING: 80 percent of ingredients in U.S. beauty products have never been tested for safety leading to chemicals found in breast cancer, ovarian cancer, linked to complex issues such as learning disabilities, hormone disruption from birth to adulthood, infertility and much more still under investigation.

And that’s just the tip of the synthetic iceberg.

You wouldn’t willingly dip yourself in formaldehyde, yet the ugly hidden truth is you may already… formaldehyde is one of several harmful ingredients found in many traditional products in efforts to extend their shelf life.

You may not like this (we don’t either), but the average woman uses 12 to 15 conventional products (such as shampoo, deodorant, cleanser, mascara, etc.) wearing a total of over 500 chemicals daily. Brighten Beauty for the ‘The Green’ Beauty – believes you deserve better.

Allow us to do the vetting for you.

Know that behind every product at Brighten Beauty is a dedicated, green-minded, forward-thinking and passionate entrepreneur and brand we couldn’t resist working with thanks to their superior quality goods and killer attitude about a life well lived. Brighten Beauty scouts, tests and stocks only the most powerful beauty products stripped of toxins and harmful ingredients. We connect you with only the most elite round-up of options proven to work and will continue to build momentum through additional brands always carrying high-standards for both men and women.

We like to have a good time, while changing the world. Big things are happening – join us – and stay tuned for more to come!